Founded in 1991, Warwickshire Gardens Trust works within the historic county boundaries (see map) to increase public awareness of gardens and the designed landscape. We are a member of The Gardens Trust.


Through guided visits to gardens and parks in the Midlands and further afield that are often not open to the public, we aim to increase awareness and enjoyment of Britain’s glorious garden heritage.


We liaise with The Gardens Trust in offering advice on planning matters relating to historic parks and gardens to the eight planning authorities in the former county. Without the vigilance of county garden trusts many of the country’s internationally renowned gardens and parks would be vulnerable to unsuitable development, many being already lost.


We support research into the history of the designed landscape, offering lectures and a variety of in-house publications, including books and an annual journal. A series of winter lectures by eminent local garden historians adds to the understanding and enjoyment of gardens. Our surveying, recording and research into local gardens and landscapes contribute to the national Parks and Gardens UK database.


We support local garden initiatives with advice, financial grants and volunteers, aiming, in particular, to support school projects.

Warwickshire Gardens Trust is an unincorporated association run on behalf of its members by an elected executive committee.


Georgie Guernsey

The Committee

  • Paul Baker (chairman)
  • Matt Fattorini (hon. treasurer)
  • Carol Lane (hon. secretary)
  • Christine Hodgetts (conservation)
  • Rosemary Jewel-Clark (membership)
  • Judith Al-Seffar
  • Jenny Handscombe


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